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An economy that works for all families

by Jessica Vega Pederson

It's been a busy and productive week in Salem preparing for the February short session. Through committee meetings and conversations with colleagues and constituents, it’s clearer than ever that our economic policies need to fit for workers, families, and employers.

As more and more people recognize the type of place that Multnomah County is, many who call this home are having to bear new burdens. Folks that grew up here can’t afford their rent – let alone to buy a house.

My vision is for an economy that works for all families in our community.

That’s why I fought for Oregon families and successfully passed statewide paid sick leave. Parents no longer have to make the choice between buying groceries and staying home with a sick child.

But when a single parent making minimum wage still can’t afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment, we know there’s a lot left to do. It’s impossible to ignore the rising cost of living– and the growing gap between the minimum wage, and a living wage.

We need to raise the minimum wage. We need affordable housing in every community.

These will be my top priorities in February and as Multnomah County Commissioner. I believe a strong economy will work for every family.

Posted on January 16, 2016.

Meet Jessica

I am a mother, a business professional, a progressive Democrat, a proud resident of East Portland, and the first Latina elected to the Oregon House of Representatives.

As Multnomah County Commissioner I’ve fought to make sure every member of our community has what they need to succeed. I want to make Multnomah County an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. I'm ready to get to work and I hope you'll join us!

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